My Story

Born with a gift for drawing and teaching, educated as an art director and trained as a graphic designer.

I’ve been called a “visual translator”.

After graduating art school I was excited about working in the creative industry. What more can a person desire than to work in a field they studied. I moved to Austin to embark on this wonderful journey. As life may have it, I worked in another creative field: photography (a blessing in disguise). After years of working as a photographer I made the decision to go back to my first love: designing. I lunched 3Ps Graphical Solutions; a design and marketing firm. The mission was to use my marketing background, printing experience and project management training to create designs that not only wowed audiences but also got results.

So how may I serve you today?

“Market Impact Assessment”

The effectiveness of your marketing message hinges on whether the message resonate with your intended target market. Discover what your marketing is truly saying, request your complementary assessment and find out how your marketing is doing.

“Clarity Day”

A strong company identity is one that reflects the story of the company. I work with you to help you uncover your true story and start building your brand today. Schedule a one-on-one Clarity Day to declutter your mind and grow.

Speaking Engagements

My mission is to help remove the chains that bind people be it in their businesses or personal life. Click click here to book me to speak to your group, club or organisation.